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Bröring IT was founded in 1997 in Lohne, near Bremen.

The company manufactures measuring devices and software to determine the quality of chicken eggs. Bröring IT devices are used worldwide at poultry farms, at enterprises for the production, of egg products and egg processing, at agricultural and agricultural universities, at state survey laboratories, and also at feed mills. The special qualities of the measuring devices of Bröring IT are the quality “Made in Germany”, reliability and durability. The most important advantages are the speed of measurement and the simple use of devices.

FEST mit Ei

The main directions of the company Bröring IT:

  • Technology consulting
  • Software
  • Development of electronic technology
  • Automation technology

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Our Address:
Fama tn 10, Narva linn
Ida-Viru maakond, 20303 Estonia